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My experience in the field


I qualified as an executive coach in 2021  and am accredited by AOEC. I subscribe to the EMCC code of ethics, with whom I  wish to achieve further accreditation.

Where have I worked before?

I have worked in Leadership and Management for a decade in a high growth industry, finding my niche in L&D and wellness. It was here that I developed a passion for transformational and mindset coaching and the impact this makes on performance.

Creative coaching for individuals

Blending my passion for coaching and printmaking, I discovered a powerful lens to  empower clients to explore new ideas and approaches. This process connects individuals with their inner wisdom and thoughts, inviting new perspectives, challenging assumptions and creating new ideas. Where geography permits, I offer clients the option to use printmaking as a part of their coaching journey. 

For Individuals: Education

The Kaleidoscope Coaching Model

The kaleidoscope provides a visual aid for the four key elements of my coaching approach. We will explore these elements throughout the coaching journey.  

Through bringing awareness to these elements and your mindset around them, you can find new perspectives which help unblock whatever is holding you back from achieving what is important to you.

For Individuals: Experience
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What do you value most?
What makes you, you?
The 'mirrors' are a symbol of your purpose, values, relationships and passions. The elements that create your world.


Your present moment.

What are you thinking or feeling right now?

What goals do you want to achieve? What does successful transformation look and feel like?

The beads constantly move and transform. Understanding the beads are not fixed invites new perspectives to help remove barriers and achieve what is most important to you.


What influences your decisions, your behaviours and the way you think about your world?

The lens symbolises your experiences and the beliefs you hold. By examining your lenses, you create an awareness for how these serve you, and which lenses blur or obscure credible possibilities.


The source of light is essential to help us see and navigate our world and symbolises the system within which you exist.  

By recognising this system and its impact on you, you can identify limiting assumptions from which you can liberate yourself and nurture boundaries that better support your transformation.

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