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Team Coaching with Printmaking

Creative coaching with printmaking takes a structured approach to working with the unconscious to focus on group outcomes. Using creative practice provides a powerful space for team transformation whether strengthening employee relationships, nurturing alignment / commitment to organisation goals or stimulating curiosity and self awareness.

Many people have limited to no experience of printmaking which creates a safe and balanced environment.

The creative experience provides distance and perspective, stimulating curiosity and facilitating the development of new skills. Also, it's really fun!

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"It is so invigorating to be in a space of creativity"


Team Coaching with Printmaking

An arts-based approach to coaching that reconnects you with your inner wisdom and mindset helping you understand what drives your thinking, feelings and decisions. 


Creative coaching with printmaking takes a structured approach to working with the unconscious to focus on group outcomes.

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Team socials

Finding the time to get creative can be so difficult. Creating art at work can help relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

A collective creative experience amplifies this moment, energising individuals to safely access and test different approaches, to foster curiosity and think differently about whatever is important to them.

Find out more about different mediums on offer:

Gel Plate Printing

Linocut Printing


Wellbeing workshops

The creative process facilitates a deeper connection to the self. Learning something creative like printmaking helps to improve concentration, mindfulness, and bring your team together. Printmaking is playful and accessible and fully inclusive.

Book your team for a day of festive printing. Find out more about Christmas Card Linocuts

Foster Curiosity

Trying something new such as printmaking helps individuals overcome barriers a tests the validity of the fixed mindset. Mindful making can deepen connections and nurture a sense of play, and the ability to fail and embrace the learning process.

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Create Affirmation

A creative experience provides space for individuals to notice what they are thinking and feeling, to experience positive affirmation for themselves and provide them for those around them.

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Upcoming Workshops

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